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Friend rage

Don't worry they still let me stay for dinner.

Tech support rage


Heat wave, Bitch please

Avoiding GF rage

Smooth moves by my cat

I didn't mean it I swear

Musician rage

Oreo rage

Hot girl rage

I can never look my mother in the eye after this..

Would you like a bag?

Tall rage

Drunk Fight

Trolldad is merciless

Laziness pays off

Dodged a bullet

Pamphlet Rage

Moans and groans

I hate this

Still got it

Summer job rage

It's Superman!

Trolldad goes too far

I was 18 when this happened...

Tales from the train

The most awkward moment of my life.

Looking cool

Working Fast Food in the Summer

Enlarge image rage

Leave it

All summer long

Dodged the bullet

Yankee Candle

6'4" is an awkward height

Raging in the ER

Vending machine rage

Troll dad will never learn

How I got fired today

Impressing coworkers

People share this stuff?

Copy-Paste Rage

Goodbye, old friend

First time eating sushi

The song...

Rest In Pieces

Puberty Allergies

Scratch & Sniff!

My dad's advice to finding the right girl...

Like Mother...

The many faces of a jealous woman

Red. Three. Blue. Five.

I am a terrible person

Mom I'm so sorry

Change Mcrage

Salesman face

Spiking my hair

Why are you even playing that game?

I love you Peppy

Scantron rage

Some things should never be remembered

One of the first rages

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Restaurant Server Rage

Classic pizza rage

The Bell Tolls for Thee.

My wife thinks I'm the best.

My dad only gave blood once

Long Sleeves

Racial harmony in Denver

Porn or art?

A forgivable lie

You can never be too sure with spiders.

Red Alert! Star Trek rage!

When the boyfriend visits



To all you shy public bathroom poopers...

My favorite sensation when I was little

Hard shell taco rage

Blind rage

Family trip

Coke Rage

Just going to play the field for now

Because that's much safer

How I became popular

I know a lot about meat

Walking in the hall

I did what!?

This happened once

Drunken pickup master

Hand dexterity rage

Lord of the Engagement Rings

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside


Ye Olde Curse


USB rage

Lemonade stand win

Ignorance rage


Dude, your phone


Awkward exit

When I am bored

Making clever comments on facebook

Ice cream store troll

How to make a campfire

Online dating

The peril of living alone and being single.

My first near death experience,or,How I walked home naked.

Troll wife

Why I don't let people use my electric shaver

She was here before you, and will remain long after you are gone

The Perfect crime pt 3

Nail rage

Free secs forever

Waiter rage

Hotel Rage

I weep for the future

Too much information

Driving in the sun

Elementary school heirarchy


Driving karma

Easily the best buck I have ever spent.

Glasses rage

Watching Bob Ross

Time to snuggle

I'm better at being an asshole than you

Mom's hospital visit

Dentists pt 2

Work bathroom

Don't screw this up

Opposite day

Another perfect crime

Too stupid to breathe?

Wrong altitude

Morning routine


My life begins today

Caught in the fap



Trailing fart

The perfect crime

Toilet time rage

Why being left-handed sucks


Windows XP

Height appropriate sports

Flawless victory

Fap fap fap


Photogenic rage

Book rage

Logic Wizard

The seal has been broken

Commercials are Bad Influences

Adventures in condom buying

Tomorrow or Today Rage

He will be fine

Ulterior Motives

Why men sometimes lie

Self Diagnosis

I should probably invest in a lock

Trolldad and the hounds

Feeling violated

It can only detect movement...

World's most ignored warning label

Cat changes my life

To all moms: Don't be a bitch about it

Awesome professor


Medieval Rage Tale

My Indian mother

Taxi driver stories

Using your arm as a pillow

Favorite thing about airports

Quite possibly the best feeling after swimming.

Interview rage

Gotta get down on Friday

Psychological warfare

Jesus take the wheel trade

Sixth feline sense

And you thought your job sucked...

Do you masturbate?

Dream rage

Roommate woes

When mom uses your laptop

Day care incident



Finally bought glasses

A common assumption?

Ice cube rage

Effective rick roll?

Small car rage

Don't knock it till you try it.

God bless the handicapped

Happens at least once a week.

How to troll a girl who friend zones you

Making breakfast for my girl...

Don't say anything unless you're sure.

An unexpected invitation

Don't look

Fixing your parents computer

Dog horror movies

Nacho rage

How every man has felt

Rage comics have changed

Changing wife's tire

I had a nightmare

Sleep hump

Do you smell that

Well at least she didn't call me on it

It runs in my family

Doesn't work IRL rage

High road vs low road

Kids are creepy

First date

A childhood memory

Roommate prank backfired

USB rage

What the fuck is wrong with my boss

Emergency presents

I can't start eating yet

Shower Head Surprise

Fuck elevators

Taking pointless classes in college

Moment of No Return

The joys of sharing a bathroom

Helping the dog out

Alone in the apartment

How I got detention

The couch isnt THAT bad..

Admit all felt like this as a kid

Daydream rage

Eating while watching TV

One of my favorite morning routines


Popcorn rage

Well that backfired

That glorious first day of warmth

Lego rage

A true spider story

Run for your lives!

Printer Rage

My wife loves her stupid cats

My dad is an asshole

Ball pits

The most sacred of laws...

Lock the door or take off the headphones

I never found them

Down Syndrome Rage

Photogenic people

Gaming girl double-standard

Jesus take the wheel original

Jesus take the wheel 2

Today you, tomorrow me

Are you kidding me, GF?

And they wonder why I choose to be so quiet

Until we meet again

Cold Cereal Realization

Every time I sleep over

I can never tell her

Where's the Damn Vacuum...

My roommate's a freak

Sunday morning dog rage

My inner psycho

Kids these days

Laundry Rage (Girls just don't understand)

Password Policy

I am an Awkward Walker

They must never know

Didn't you hate this?

I Should have gone to the doctors

It WAS a good date......

You don't own the sidewalk

My muscles

Why I Cannot Use Public Restrooms

For anyone in their 20's considering moving back home with their parents

My martial arts career

All boys have experienced this

Jesus take the wheel

People who don't understand jokes

Not in the face!

Nature, you scary

Thinking about asking her at work

I was a stupid child

Every day at work

How were you hired

Ticklish Rage

If I'm gay

When you dream

A new greeting is born

Trolling the little brother

Awkward Introductions

Elevator Troll

Optimist or Oblivious

Adderral adventures

Fart plan backfire

Awkward haircut story

Shower Rage

I thought my kids were trying to troll me

Deal Breaker

Wrong hand release disaster

IT Guy

Fucking Melvin

Need a moment?

Approaching a girl... Expectations Vs. Reality

I'm going to the cubicle from now on

Quick Thinking

Wives, the perfect scapegoat

Morning Commute

Thanks Mom

The girl from last night

Moments I'd care to forget from my youth #1

I can never look at my girlfriend the same


Spider Rage

Testicular Trollsion

VGA Cables

Jimmy Wales Stare

Shower in the winter time

This actually happens?

Asian Parents Win

Sleeping Bags

Why would I want to do that

At the Pool

True Story

Alone on a friday Night

Guy Rage

Cereal Guy gets some bad news

Trolling Children

A tricky situation had a surprising outcome

Baby's First Troll

Doing the dishes

The Pizza Wizard

Every single time

Melvin's Life Hacks

I whip my hair back and forth

Driving in the snow

Self Checkout Eternity

Empty Bus

Reaching out to Forever Alone Guy...

Happens at least once a semester

A new melvin is in town

Situation Saved

You dropped something

I met a girl in a coffee shop today.

Ultimate trap avoidance

A Proud Troll; A Raging GF

Being Famous

People, Calm down! I got this...

Embarassing Personal Item

On my Shirt?

Why do they do this

Hypnagogic jerk rage


Cat Training

You wanted pickles right?

Uncooperative Weather


A nice morning drive

Bipolar Rage


Scheming Pedobear

Bedtime Rage


Damn Flies

Shower Curtain Rage

Girl buying a game FFFFFUUUUUU

Leet Cat Gamer

Slouching FFFFUUUU

Great moments in Rage History

The Life and Times of TROLLFACE

Tourettes fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu

Bunny - True Story

Arab Ambassador Rage

Coffee Shop Rage

The time

Conan Rage

Rich Rage

Reddit Hypocrisy Anti-FFFUUUU

Socks and Sandals

Ned Flanders Rage